Thunder and Spice
World Folk and Festival Music

About Us

 Thunder & Spice was founded in 2009 in the Raleigh NC area.  Over time we have blended our diverse talents and experiences to get to the unique sound and repertoire we showcase today.  The band performs at festivals and music venues locally and in neighboring states. 
Drop us a line at or 919-218-7589 for availability and rates.
   "Dedly" Ernest has been involved in music his whole life, performing in everything from a Chamber Music singing group, multiple musical theater productions, and various a cappella, choirs and folk groups.  He is the band's lead vocalist and has also picked up the guitar in the past couple of years.  Dedly is a founding member of Thunder & Spice. He lives close to Paprika in Cary, NC with his puppy Colleen (aka "Spaz").
   Paprika has also been a musician since the age of 9, performing on keyboards, percussion and vocals in Glenn Miller-like bands, a cappella groups, multiple musical theater productions, choirs and folk groups.  Paprika is also a founding member of Thunder & Spice and takes care of the band's bookings and websites.  She lives in Cary, NC with her cat Furball, and knows where Dedly lives.
     "Fingers" Jackson, after 5 years, is still the newest member of the group.  Fingers is a lifelong musician  who can play anything with strings, and also occasionally throws in a vocal or two.  He has his own solo music practice as a harpist and finger-style guitarist, and also gives lessons - find out more at Fingers handles some of our bookings and sound/recording setup.  He lives in Holly Springs, NC below his studio with his lovely wife and a herd of stringed instruments.
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