Thunder and Spice
World  Folk  and  Festival  Music 
Thunder and Spice perform traditional Celtic, Renaissance, Seafaring, and contemporary folk music with haunting vocal harmonies, diverse acoustic instrumentation and theatrical flair!

Based out of Raleigh, NC, this lively duo has been entertaining at theme Festivals and folk music venues in the Carolinas and SE Coast since 2009. 

Listen to a sample of our sound:

Thunder and Spice are the perfect choice for:
  • Contemporary Music and Arts Festivals
  • Festival Stage and Strolling Minstrels
  • Pub Sing-a-Longs
  • Acoustic or Plugged-In                               


We had a busy 2020 planned, but then COVID-19 happened!  Still hoping that some festivals will remain open for Fall and Winter 2020!

 That said, we're looking to the future and busily filling out our 2021 schedule.   

Thanks to all of our patrons and sponsors  - we couldn't do it without you!! 

Confirmed bookings will be listed on the Appearances page.  

Call or email if you would like to talk to us about a 2021 booking. 

Look for updates here and on our Appearances page to our remaining 2020 event schedule!   

Send an email to 
or call 919-218-7589 and leave a message. 
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